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These stretches are so good for your back, arms and shoulders. I do them every time after Kettlebell training or my crazy plank circuits. It feels so good.

Stretch It Out!

I love these

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Training Log: First Jiu Jitsu Tournament Recap Edition

So, my morning started off with getting up early, heading over to where to the tournament was to be held, and rolling out the mats with about 20 other guys. I swept, mopped, set up the tables, etc., for two hours. It was actually pretty tiring. I had to run back home for a bit for an interview (which I nailed), and then went back to the tournament to help out before my division was called.

To sum things up: I did awesome. The more I think about it, the more proud I am. I’ve had trouble believing I was “good” due to my experiences competing in Karate and Judo, but this definitely set the record straight for me. I didn’t place, but this is the first time that I can honestly say I don’t care. I made myself proud, I made my coach proud, and I made my teammates proud, and at the end of the day, what else matters?

If there’s anything I’m good at, though, it’s pumping myself up. Holy hot damn. By the time I stepped on the mat I was ready to destroy everything in my path. A++ would recommend.

I’m putting in a brief summary of my matches here, I’ll upload videos for them and go more in detail tomorrow or Monday. I’ll link them to this post afterwards.

First Match

This was an exhibition match against a juvenile, and since I was the lightest adult, they stuck me with her. When my coach said that, she goes, “now, normally I’d tell you that if you need to slam your shoulder into her face to win [in a tournament], do it, but with her, kind of take it easy. I want you to win, but take it easy”. How the hell. My interpretation was go hard, and let up as necessary.

She tried to pull guard, I passed to side control, and then to mount. I guess I came in aggressively, because she started panicking. More on that later, though.

I had a really nice twisted arm control to back take set up, though. Second proudest moment. Won this with a Bow and Arrow from rear mount (6-0).

Second Match

This is where I started facing the heavweights.I just kept repeating “no one has a right to beat you” over and over again in my head, and apparently it worked because I smoked this one, winning by points at 14-2.

Me suddenly realizing all my takedowns are going to be a terrible idea against a heavyweight.

Alright, so not the way I wanted to go, but…

Told you guys I could sweep.

Quick! Find the featherweight!

Lost rear mount, started playing open guard.

…But I like rear mount better.

And apparently I fully intended to keep it this time.

Third Match

So let’s get real. First match was nothing. Second match took everything I had. Looking back, I lost everything after this point because I fought so hard in my second match. Going into my third I was dehydrated, nauseous, and shaking. Heavyweights are heavy, man.

The only thing that kept me going is a quote I read a day earlier that said, “fatigue makes cowards of us all”. I thought about quitting a lot in these last three matches, but I kept going. I honestly don’t know how. I’m really proud of myself for that.

I can’t even explain how much pain I was in in this match. She was an absolute beast, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she got her blue belt in the next few days.

This. This is where I was for four minutes. All I could hear was my heartbeat. This is actually a breath of fresh air, because usually she had a killer cross face in as well.

I wanted guard so bad. You can feel the desperation.

Spent the last minute fighting off an Americana. Actually damaged my elbow a little bit defending this one (not intentionally, I only noticed the pain a couple minutes after this match). Personally want to thank my right hand and my head for saving my ass.

Lost this one 0-9. Not even mad.

Fourth Match

I’m absolutely thrashed by this point. I’m running way past “e” from here forward.

This looks familiar.

So does this.



If you wanna know what this felt like, just go ahead and kill yourself. That’s the basic idea.

She won by points (0-5).

Fifth Match

There’s only so many times you can frame out against a heavyweight before it starts to take a toll on you. As I walked into this one, my coach told me I had one more match after this one (which was a lie), but it kept me from even thinking about giving up since I knew I would have to tough it out for at least another fifteen minutes. Being a coach requires some next level sports psychology, I tell you what.

One of the very few moments where I was standing still. She threw me around like a rag doll.

Hardest snap down of my life.

So. Much. Weight.

Can we just all talk about the fact that I replaced guard from that set up, though?

These heavyweights knew exactly how to squish your diaphragm so you couldn’t breathe. Couple that with being short of breath anyway, and this almost made me pass out.

She submitted me with an Americana (0-5) soon after.


So, five/six hours after competing, I’m still feeling nauseous, though I am getting better. This was a great experience, and (after taking an amazing rest day tomorrow), I can’t wait to get in the gym and start training for my next one!


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